Thursday, July 1, 2010

Write In Life (3)

Write In Life is a meme hosted and created by Patty at Yay! Reads and features topics and discussion about writing in life.

This week's topic: Settings
I always have troubles with settings. I hate to base my story somewhere real because I'm afriad that I'll get details wrong, especially if I've never been to that place which chances are I haven't. I much preffer making up a town and just giving a general location. I can then invent everything from shop names to how it looks.

I'm not very good at describing them, either. I much preffer to give a little detail here and there instead of describing every single things. Sometimes, though, I do giant plot holes and inconsistencies because I've made everything up.

How do you do your settings?

If you'd like to participate on Write In Life, just email me at yayreads at hotmail dot com and I'll send you the week's topic, then, you can do a 1-2 paragraph essay about it.

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