Yay! Reads is a book review blog intended for entertainment purposes only. All text of the books are copyrighted to their authors. I buy all my books unless otherwise stated.

I accept ARCs as well as already published works. It would be a great honor to be able to review and promote your book. You can also contact me for interviews and giveaways. Contact me at yayreads@hotmail.com

It takes me about 1-3 days to read a book I love. Depending on how engaging the book is, the more or less it takes me. Due to increasing requests and quantity of books, I no longer guarantee a review, although all books will be considered. However, if you have sent me a book and I've received and read it, it could take anywhere from a day to months until I post the review. Sometimes it depends whether the author/publisher has requested a specific date or availability. I review all books that I read so the review will be posted at some time or another.

Contest information including addresses, names, emails, etc. will not be shared, given away or sold under any circumstances. It you're under 13 let a parent know what you're participating in.

All my opinions are mine. It is important that I respect the book and the author as well as my opinion is respected. If I love a book, I will say it, if I don't, I will say it also. Remember that what I think may not be what the next person thinks.

I live in PR and shipping is the same cost as any other US territory. I prefer physical copies of a book and rarely do I read a PDF/ebook format unless it is too difficult/expensive/inconvenient to send me a physical copy.


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