Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mockingjay Twitter Chat for Bloggers and Fans

So I've been wanting to do this for a while but haven't actually gotten around to plan it. I want to organize a Twitter chat party for Bloggers and Fans of the books so that we can discuss our thoughts about it all. There's some things I need first. I'm looking for blogs to make posts about Mockingjay nearing its realease on the following topics.

Team Peeta
Team Gale
Theories on District 13
Who will die on the next book?
President Snow and The Capitol

And any other topics anyone might come up with. I want about seven topics total. This would work like thus:

Every day a week leading up to the release, a different blog will post about their topic. The blog may host a giveaway if desired but it's not part of the thing I have in mind. Then, on August 27th (Friday) everyone will gather around at 7pm on Twitter and, using a hashtag (to be determined), will discuss the book.

Now, I don't want any conflicts with the publisher/author and, in fact, if possible, I'd love for the publisher and/or author to participate in some way in this. That's why I'm making this a purely fun/fandom thing instead of an 'official' chat.

Any volunteers? Just leave a comment with an email or email me at yayreads dot hotmail dot com and pick any topic that you might like (or invent your own). This will be a first come, first serve thing so, if you want to participate, do it fast!

Thank you and I plan for it to be very successful!

P.S. If anyone would volunteer to help me moderate the Twitter Chat, please let me know.

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