Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two For Tuesday Week 3: Waves by Sharon Dogar

I was inspired by my local radio station for this particular segment. This is how it will work: Every Tuesday I will post two separate reviews. These reviews will be a bit different. They will contain the summary from the back of the book and small reviews with little details. The point is to a) not spoil it and b) be able to crunch the two reviews in one day. So you see, I'm sort of cheating. Sort of :).


When Hal's family makes the heart-wrenching decision to leave Charley, their comatose daughter, behind in a hospital ward while they spend the summer on the west coast of England, Hal finds it harder than ever to shake his sister's presence. What power is letting him share her memories? And will they reveal the deep, dark truth behind her tragic "accident"? Set at a beach where growing up goes wrong, WAVES is a coming-of-age story about first love and first loss; about a family drowning in sorrow, and the remarkable son who is struggling against the tide to save them. - From GoodReads description

Hal is such a young angry and confused character. He wants to save his sister but he can't. His conflicts are even greater when he starts falling in love and discovers secrets that lead up to his sister's current state. He is funny and believable. The story is heart breaking and I cried when I reached the ending but the writing I didn't like as much as the plot itself. I would call it: Grade A plot and Grade B- or C writing. I don't want to compare but I've seen these types of voices used in a more effective way.

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