Friday, October 9, 2009

Paper Towns by John Green

Paper Towns

Quentin and Margo used to be friend, then they grew up and grew apart. Now, unexpectedly, Margo appears on Quentin's "Q" window and takes him on the night adventure of a lifetime which include fish, SeaWorld, and broken windows. Q feels that he and Margo are back to being friends. That is why he is surprised when next day at school, Margo is not there. He doesn't give it much thought until it is apparent that Margo has disappeared. And she has left clues that only Q would know.

Q follows these clues until finally, he comes across the word Paper Towns. He fears that Margo has committed suicide and searches all of the paper towns in Central Florida for her body.

One day, his graduation day to be exact, Q finally figures out where Margo is hiding. Q and his friends undertake a nineteen hour road trip to a fake town were Margo is hiding.

When they discover her, Margo explains that she didn't mean for them to find her, only just one of her other many hiding places. And the sad part is: she's never coming back.

This beautiful story mixes everything perfectly, humor, romance, sadness, and mystery. We are following Q on his quest to find the girl he has always loved. The adventure begins from page one. It is fast paced and has an ending that you will never guess. I've always wanted to do a road trip with my friends and found that this story has just that. Time crunching, near-death experiences, and amazing humor that portrays teenage life, and love, very realistically.

In one sentence:
What an adventure!

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