Sunday, October 11, 2009

13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

13 Little Blue Envelopes

Ginny has just received a package from her runaway aunt. It contains 13 blue envelopes. On each envelope, there is a set of instructions she must follow. Ginny is amazed at this because a) The instructions include going to Europe with nothing more than a backpack and b) her aunt is dead. Nevertheless, Ginny goes to London, where her aunt has written that she should go. Only this is just the beginning. Ginny meets an Englishman, Keith, and falls in love with him. She follows the instructions and goes to Scotland to the house of a very interesting artist, she travels to Denmark, France, Italy, and Greece among others. What Ginny doesn't know, is that, in between all this crazyness, she discovers the true state of her late aunt while she was dying and discovers more about herself than she ever knew.

This is the perfect romantic/travel novel. It is the third time I've read it and I still love it as the first time. It is this novel that flourished in me a desire to travel and get to know other places in this world. It also made me want to date a Hot English Dude even more.

What seems like a lonely trip, becomes the adventure of a lifetime, including the auction of her aunt's painting which results in lots of money that she shares with her aunt's friend, Richard.

Richard, a sweet character, was also her aunt's husband, something Ginny didn't know because her aunt, after fleeing from New York, didn't keep that much in contact. Ginny learns that her aunt was not always very smart but that she had passions, something that Ginny struggles to thrive for. Unexpectedly, her aunt did love too. She loved Richard, something that even he didn't know.

This novel is still one of my favorites and I welcome all of you to read it and share your thoughts on it.

In once sentence:
Europe has never seemed like such an adventure until you've read this book!

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