Saturday, October 31, 2009

How To Be Popular by Meg Cabot

How To Be Popular

Do you want to be popular?
Everyone wants to be popular—or at least, Stephanie Landry does. Steph’s been the least popular girl in her class since a certain cherry Super Big Gulp catastrophe five years earlier.

Does being popular matter?
It matters very much—to Steph. That’s why this year, she has a plan to get in with the It Crowd in no time flat. She’s got a secret weapon: An old book called—what else?—How to Be Popular.

But don’t forget the most important thing about popularity!
It’s easy to become popular. What isn’t so easy? Staying that way.

In one sentence:
This book is adorable!

I love Meg Cabot books, they give the feel that anything can happen: you can go from being unpopular to popular in just a night. Her writing style is laugh out loud funny with characters that are very distinct. I like the sarcastic humor in this book. The fact that the main character is not perfect (everything she eats goes into her butt) makes it very believable.

The only remark I have that may not be too good, is that it's too predictable. The book is typical girl falls for her best friend. Not that this is bad at all (my own book follows this trend) but I could tell from the very beginning what was going to happen in the end. Nevertheless, I love how Meg turns this predictable story into a still grabbing one and fun to read. This book is perfect to read at home with the coziness of your favorite blanket. I give it four stars.

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