Thursday, April 8, 2010

Recent Awards

I've gotten a couple of awards I haven't posted yet, so here they are:

Here are the rules:
Thank & link to the person that gave you the award.
Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic
Contact the blogs and let them know they’ve won.
State 7 things about yourself.

Seven things about me:

1. I can't write and listen to music at the same time, it distracts me.
2. I was born and raised and currently reside in Puerto Rico. I'm fluent in both Spanish and English but much prefer to write/read in English.
3. My favorite traditional main course is Mofongo Relleno (google it). I want one right now.
4. I eat ice cream almost every day. We buy tubs of ice cream at Costco, thank God for Costco.
5. Sometimes I cry/laugh/fight/talk in my sleep. Seriously.
6. I have like 5 email accounts. I check them all.
7. I really am afraid of lizards. The real animal is called lagartijo in Spanish (don't know the English name) but they are this tiny things like salamanders (a bit less gross). There's one in my bathroom right now. I've actually quarantined the bathroom and haven't used it since yesterday when I saw the little gross thing.

The rules are pretty simple. Answer the following questions with Single Word answers then pass this along to 5 other bloggers. Make sure you let them know about it though.

Your Cell Phone? sidekick

Your Hair? long

Your Mother? fashionable

Your Father? goofy

Your Favorite Food? sweets

Your Dream Last Night? unknown

Your Favorite Drink? water

Your Dream/Goal? writer

What Room Are You In? office

Your Hobby? reading

Your Fear? lizards

Where Do You Want To Be In Six Years? NYC

Where Were You Last Night? home

Something That You Aren't? backstabber

Muffins? moist

Wish List Item? phone

Where Did You Grow Up? PR

Last Thing You Did? read

What Are You Wearing? tshirt

Your TV? downstairs

Your Pets? dog

Friends? somewhere

Your Life? boring

Your Mood? headache

Missing Someone? yes

Vehicle? car

Something You Aren't Wearing? shoes

Your Favorite Store? Borders

Your Favorite Color? black

When Was The Last Time You Laughed? sometime

Last Time You Cried? recently

Your Best Friend? funny

One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Bookstore

Facebook? yeah

Favorite Place To Eat? italian

I'm a bit lazy so I'll post twenty. The first fifteen are for the first award, the last five are for the second:

A Bookful of Thoughts
Book Nerds
Chick Lit Teens
I Should Be Writing
Juiciliciousss Reviews
Penultimate Page
Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers
The Book Butterfly
The Hiding Spot
The Ladybug Reads
The Page Flipper
Word for Teens
A Good Addiction
Book Crazy
Book Love: Teen
Dragonfly Reviews
Kindle Vixen
Nayu's Reading Corner
Sparrow Review
Teens Read And Write


ck.twilighter said...

Congrats to you!!=)

Bookstore!! I agree.

GMR said...

Congratulations on receiving the awards and thanks for sharing the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER one with me! *SMILE* Ditto on the multiple email accounts, and I check em too....and yesh, the lizard? I'd be getting someone else to remove it for me too....~shivers~


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