Monday, February 22, 2010

Mockingjay: Hunger Games #3 Theories


I had the urge to start this feature, depending on your reactions, I might do it again. So I decided to theorize about what was going to happen in the last book of one of the most successful and popular series since Twilight, The Hunger Games. The long awaited final book comes out THIS YEAR and people are starting to buzz and talk about what's going to happen. Today, I will tackle one burning question:


Even though I'm team Gale, I'm going to dissect this as much as possible and support my ideas to why is Gale going to win. I'm also going to support my ideas from popular series such as Twilight and Harry Potters so, if you don't want to be spoiled, please don't continue.

I believe Katniss will choose Gale because of the following reasons:

1) She's been friends with Gale longer. They've both struggled to survive and help their families and they've bonded through that. Although technically Kat met Peeta first, Gale became her friend first. Take series such as Harry Potter; where Harry meets Ginny in the first book. We don't think of her as real important or even a love interest but, they met first, they ended up together. Exactly what happened with Twilight; although Bella's dad new Jacob's dad first, Jake and Bella didn't really become friends until the second book, after Edward was in the picture, and under hard circumstances (just like Peeta and Katniss who developed their friendship under hard circumstances).

2) Katniss needs someone strong. Although Peeta is definitely strong, he barely survived the first Hunger Games and Katniss had to be in check with him while Gale is totally independent and strong.

3) Gale is not pushy. Although we clearly see his interest in the first book, it is not until the second that we're really sure how much Gale loves Katniss. Peeta pushes his love into Katniss and she wants to back off. Her love for him is not as real as it is with Gale because she had to pretend to love him to actually get to really do.

Okay, these are the three top reasons that I came up with. I'd like to hear your opinion. Also, would you want me to continue this feature with different discussions and questions? Let me know.


Dani. said...

Go Team Gale! :)

Maggie Desmond-O'Brien said...

Ha! I'm Team Peeta! But yeah, I have a feeling she'll choose Gale. I also have a feeling Peeta's going to sacrifice himself so she can stay alive to choose Gale. Just my two cents. :)

Sara said...

Oooh great post! I truly can't wait for Mockingjay to come out! I'm not really sure where I stand I'm kind of team Gale and Peeta. I think I'll be happy if she ends up with either one. Deep down I do really think she loves Peeta, but then again we all know she loves Gale already. I think you should definitely continue this feature :)

hcmurdoch said...

Totally fun. As I read Catching Fire I thought about which guy Katniss should choose. I like Peeta, but she'll choose Gale because we women never choose the "nice guy". Why is that?!


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