Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins


"Three teens who have attempted suicide meet in a psychiatric hospital, battle their demons, and begin to heal.

The handsome son of wealthy parents, Connor has everything anyone could want-except his family's love and affection. Jailed for years after killing his mother's child-molesting boyfriend, Tony is confused about his sexuality. Manic-depressive Vanessa cuts herself. All three stories intertwine in a brutally honest story about pain and resilience." from GoodReads

Wow. May I simply review it with that word? Wow? I think not. Better start rearranging my thoughts, then. Impulse is...unputdownable (wow, my word corrector didn't correct that word. I guess it does exist). I've read Hopkins's masterpiece, Burned, and I loved it. As disturbing and graphic her books can sometimes be, it is almost enchanting.

The words are played in such a beautiful and melodic way, it resonates with you. I personally haven't experienced any of the things these characters have but it's so real and raw that they touched my heart. Conner is the most like me, I'd say. He feels obligated to reach impossible expectations and the only way to get out is to get off. Vanessa is the girl who craves for the blade. She is sweet and good but she is haunted. And Tony is the guy that you'd love to be best friends forever with. He's funny and sweet and sincere (too much and's here).

The backgrounds of each character is very unique and different. I liked how it was sort of High - Middle - Low, where Conner is high class, etc. Vanessa is in the middle and Tony the 'bad boy'. Each has enough information to still leave the reader with their own conclusions but without lacking, either.

Let's see, what else? God, I hate it when I want to give an extra amazing review to a super amazing book but the words I have are just not enough. For such a thick and deep book, it was fairly quick to read. I got a bit mad at how the hospital handled certain things and about how the adult characters didn't seem very mature but that's part of the book and I've never been in that situation so I wouldn't say I know exactly what I'm talking about.

In one sentence:
"Once again, Ellen Hopkins delivers a flawless and raw story that touches the heart, mind, and soul."

Plot: 5
Characters: 5
Writing: 5
Overall Feeling: 5
Cover: 4
Average: 4.8

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misskallie2000 said...

This book sounds ok for a 19 up but not for younger readers. It could really hurt someone who has a fragile grip on their life.
But those older may benefit from the knowledge imparted if they know someone like these kids. They may be better able to understand the why, what, etc. and actually help them come to understand themselves or to get the help they need.


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