Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Theme

Hello! The February Theme is honoring my birthday which is celebrated on the 12th of February. It's very simple and I don't like the header (I do like the colors and CSS) but I hope that you enjoy! Let me know if there is any problem.


Emidy said...

I love this new theme! It's nice and bright, just the way I like it.

from Une Parole

GMR said...

Happy (early) birthday! If you like it, it'll work. Only thing...the YELLOW words are WAY hard to read on the white background. =0)

Laura (Reading and Rooibos) said...

Happy birthday in advance, Patti! I've really enjoyed reading your posts since discovering your blog. You are so full of enthusiasm about the books you love and that makes me smile. I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Check out my newest post for more details! :)

Justine said...

Very cute! I loove the colours ;) And Happy early birthday! :D

ck.twilighter (Chasity) said...

It's very cute!!=)

Happy sweet 16... a little early but hey!!!

My little sister just turned 16 as well.... 6 days ago... the 3rd is my 25th bday.... Almost there!!! Hawaii time it's still the 2nd.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy celebrating!!!

misskallie2000 said...

Happy early birthday from one Feb birthday girl to another. Mine was 2 Feb. Yeah, I'm a little ground hog,.,.LOL
I think the theme is great. Just right for 16. I do agree the yellow is hard to read. Love your blog and your reviews. Keep them coming.


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