Thursday, November 26, 2009

Give Thanks To Books! Guest Post by The Insatiable Reader

Hi guys! Here is the guest post from the wonderful Insatiable Reader's for today's feature, Give Thanks To Books!


Hello, everyone! *~*waves*~* Thanks for stopping by today! This is my very first guest post and as such I would like to start out by saying THANK YOU to Patty, the 'Yay! Reads' reader herself, for having me. (THANKS!)

The idea behind the 'Give Thanks to Books' week was to share with others how books have influenced us and why we are thankful for them....definitely a fine topic to propose to book bloggers for Thanksgiving week, don't you think? The love of reading and of books in general is something that goes hand in hand with blogging about them...I mean really, are you going to take the time to write (even electronically) about something that you don't enjoy for the most part...doubtful. This of course is the main thread that connects each of us to the other in this "share-with-one-and-all" arena. On a more personal level, my love of reading was instilled in my character from the moment of my creation (It's true! My mother use to read to me before I was born....), after that, the rest is history! Books became my constant companion, fueling both my desire for knowledge and creativity. What other form of entertainment can you truly pursue on your own and be taken away to another world, any time, any place?

Reading provides that welcome escape from a busy day, stressful situations, or simply a means of filling a few minutes of down time. Open a book and you step into a world of your choosing to enjoy the adventure set forth within those given pages. It's magical, it enchanting, it's...okay, I sound like a Disney movie here, but every book lover out there reading this now (and you know who you're the ones shaking your head 'yes' to what I just said...) knows exactly what I mean. Share the joy of reading with someone else today and provide them access to a lifetime of memories yet to be. My friends, family, and loved ones list among my reasons to be the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'm giving thanks to books as well this week for all of these reasons and about you?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Insatiable Reader

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