Monday, August 9, 2010

Top 5 Things I don't Like In A Book

I've always had some pet peeves regarding what I want/don't want in a book. So let's see the things that I DON'T like, and if you agree, give me a heads up, will ya? Let me know how you feel about that.

1. Cliches- Even though I'm guilty of writing these, there's nothing worse than reading millions of books with passages such as " fiber of my being," or "Sweet as a rose," or even "love of my life." You can seriously come up with better than that, right?

2. Whiny girlfriends *ahem* Bella *ahem*- I can't stand them in real life, so why should I put up with them in a book? I mean, seriously, can't you be independent and assertive and STILL love your boyfriend/husband/warewolf?

3. Why don't you don't- I've seen this so many times and not just this but common grammatical errors. Okay, we're humans, but when you are writing something you want it to be perfect and then it goes into gazillion rounds of editing only to come back with more errors than it first had. has anyone ever heard of spellcheck or something?

4. Mary/Gary Sus- No one can change their oppinions THAT fast so when characters do something well, out of character, it ticks me off. Be consistent or else how am I ever going to trust the character?

5. Too much drama, not enough character- I hate when the plot overtakes the characters. Characters to me are the most important part of a story but I don't connect to it, I won't like it. It can have the best premise, and the best plot in the world but If the characters are under-developed and distant, I won't like it.

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Emidy said...

Great list! I despise cliches, too. And whiny girlfriends, of course!


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