Saturday, March 6, 2010

What I Want In YA Books

What makes me pick up a book? Here's a little list (in no particular order) of my interests and things that I consider when picking/reviewing a book.

1.Cover. Yes, I'm a cover whore. If a book has a great cover, I'll pick it out first. It needs to catch my attention and make me stop and look at it from amongst the hundreds of other books.

2.Romance. Even if it's a bit. I am a very crushy-crushy type of person and I love it when a book has a little bit of romance in it. Again, I've read really good books without this but it's still a HUGE part of a book for me.

3. Un- Cliche-ness. I don't like when everything sounds the same so I love a book with a bit of personality and originality.

4. Authors. If I've read any other works from the same author and liked them, I'll trust her/him and pick out his/her books first.

5. Blurbs. Not hype, per say. But the thoughts of the people that have read and reviewed the books helps in making my decision.

6. Characters. I'm a very character-driven reader. If I don't relate to the character, I won't like the book, no matter how good the plot is. It just won't happen.

What do you look for in books?


hcmurdoch said...

Your first three are totally me. I will also admit that a good cover hooks me in! And, romance is good. Though I also want something a little edgy as well (Hate List, God Box, Guardian). And, not cliche...absolutely!

Emidy said...

Great list! I agree with everything except the romance - that's not a big factor for me. I'm the same with everything else, though!

from Une Parole

Maggie Desmond-O'Brien said...

Great list! Especially covers/characters. The romance would be further down on the list, but it's definitely on it. And I read a lot of science fiction, so I'd probably add "intriguing concept" to my own list. :)

ck.twilighter (Chasity) said...

I agree with you esp with the romance part.... Just throw me a Romance bone and I will bite!!! hehehehe!!!


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