Saturday, March 20, 2010

Author Appreciation Week

For this special week in which we honor the wonderful people who have written wonderful books, I have listed my top five favorite authors. There are many more authors whom I love but I could recite these authors' work on my sleep.

5. Suzanne Collins- She is definitely my favorite sci-fi author. I've never liked a sci-fi series more than I love The Hunger Games. And I know, again, that I mention it too much but I can't help it. Her next book, Mockingjay, is a culmination of this best selling and popular series for young adults.

4. Melissa Marr- Her books are wonderful. She has reinvented the fey world for me. The imagery of her books is astounding and her stories are very original and unique.

3. Kristin Cashore- Both Fire and Graceling are a couple of my favorite books ever. The action, the world, the characters...everything. Fantasy is definitely taken to a whole new level with this author. I can't wait for Bitterblue, her third book that takes place in the same world as Fire and Graceling.

2. Sarah Dessen- It's enough to mention her name. She is one of the most fantastic YA authors today and her books are all so real. I have them all. Her characters are so unique and resonating, you won't ever forget them.

1. Meg Cabot- I'm an official Meg Cabot stalker. I check her blog every day, I'm in love with The Princess Diaries Series (and the movies based on it), I read every other book she's ever written. And she's the one who inspired me to write. In just ten years she has managed to publish around 50 books for adults, teens, and tweens alike. And they keep on coming! Can't wait for Insatiable and Runaway this year.

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Emidy said...

I've probably read something by Meg Cabot before, but all the other authors are new to me! I've been wanting to check out Sarah Dessen for a while now - her books are really popular so they must be good.

from Une Parole


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