Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Amazon Kindle

After three months of having the Amazon Kindle, I finally come around and do a review/article about it. Since it was a Christmas present, my parents opened the major packaging for me so I don't know how hard it was. The packaging of the product itself was very sleek but not over-the-top.

It comes with a nifty manual that I think it's made out of recycled paper. Although it's not very big, it just helps with the basics and start up. There is a much more extensive manual on the Kindle itself.

Configuring it was very easy. No problems at all there. What I really liked is that I didn't have to go through the whole manual of the Kindle. Since I usually don't read instructions for everything, I just used the little search tool on the menu and looked for keywords, much more easy!

The look of the screen is amazing. Almost no glare or blurry images and it's super sharp. When I saw it I gasped because it looked like REAL paper. My dad was also surprised. We both thought it was the plastic sheet protecting the screen but it was actually the e-ink itself.

Downloading and buying books is super easy. You go on Amazon on your Kindle or Store (I have found some books that appear on the online store are not on the Kindle Amazon store but I could make this look like I'm too lazy to search through all of the books that come up). You can either buy (most under $10) or get a sample which is great when you're not so sure if you want to read the book. It downloads so fast that when the "Thank you for buying" screen pops up immediately, I hit the Home button and it's already on my Home screen. What I wish it had was a better organization for the books but I don't mind so much about that now.

The pagination is so fast, almost like a real book if not faster. And I like that if you touch the outsides of the buttons, it doesn't click, that way if I accidentally touch the outside, I won't lose my page.

The Kindle also has a Text-To-Speech feature which converts the text into an audio. The voices of these are robotic and annoying but I don't use it much anyways. Also, the changeable font size and direction of the screen (horizontal or vertical in all four ways) makes it really practical for older adult readers.

All in all, the Kindle hasn't given me ANY problems at all and I'm so happy with it, I wouldn't change it.


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