Sunday, July 24, 2011

OMG I met Meg Cabot, Libba Bray, and Maggie Stiefvater!

Yes, you read right! Photos and squeeing ensue:

The event took place at Books & Books at Coral Gables in Miami, FL. I am here visiting grandparents and it was total coincidence that the authors happened to have a signing the weekend before I leave. I've been dreaming about this forever.

That picture above (and the other ones I'll be showing) was taken with my phone (so pardon the quality). Those who follow me on twitter (@paperezelias) might have noticed my annoying spam reporting of the events. I got to the bookstore early in order to purchase Libba's Beauty Queens (I had to purchase a book to get a ticket to enter. I already have Meg's Abandon and I haven't read book two and three from the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy).

Obviously, I was VERY excited for the event. I was most excited for Meg, of course, since I basically worship the ground she walks on (she's amazing). But I was still excited about Libba, too, because I've read all of her books (except Beauty Queens which I'll be getting into soon). At about seven fifteen, they walked in.

(again, sorry for the bad quality. Phone camera + hands shaking = shitty picture)

I could not contain myself in my seat. Like seriously, I went from being freezing cold to completely over excited in two seconds. Meg is so tall and beautiful! And Libba, my gosh, I didn't recognize her! She was adorable and was dressed super cute in a summer-y dress and black sheer shawl. Maggie (although I was excited for her) looked so young and nice with her super down-to-earth hippie-style jeans and boots.

Maggie talked first about her inspiration for Shiver (a hilarious anecdote about Sultan the Wolf Man). Libba was so excited she actually knocked over a bottle of water. That brought in many jokes that lasted through the night (it was not the only one, believe me).

Libba talked about one of her most embarrassing moments when she tried to impress some boys at a hotel pool. She touched on the subject of her tragic accident and how she grew from it. It was so inspiring and I found myself loving Libba more and more. This, however, continued when she used Mad-Libs to tell us about Beauty Queens. The funny 'blurb' was accompanied by naughty jokes such as 'Eat Pray Thrust' which made us all double in laughter.

Meg, hilarious as ever, talked a bit about how she started writing and where the story of Abandon came from. When she finished, she gave a very convincing imitation of Bella Swan (aka KStew in the movie Twilight) discovering she was pregnant. It was to die for! Dubbed the Uterus Dance.

After all three talked, the floor opened to questions which prompted more jokes (especially from Eat Pray Thrust) and Libba admitting that she has never read Harry Potter or seen the movies. After that, the authors left and we started to make a line to get the books signed. I was thankfully in the first group and got into the signing room real quick. First, I went to Libba's line and she signed my book (and gave me an awesome pin that says Sparkle Pony). She was so sweet and took a photo with me! She even complimented my outfit! GUSH!

(This one is either worse quality since I took it with my phone from the digital camera that I used to take the actual photo)

Then I went to Meg and I couldn't even speak well because I was so excited. She also complimented my outfit, signed my Insatiable copy, took a photo with me, and gave me tons of cool bookmarks.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience that I'll never forget. It is always amazing when one meets their role models and favorite people. It's something I didn't imagine would happen to me and propelled me to work even harder on my dreams at becoming a published writer. Thanks Meg, Libba, and Maggie, for writing great books and being the awesome people that you are.

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Glad you had as much fun as I did!!


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