Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are You Going To Kiss Me Now? by Sloane Tanen

Are You Going To Kiss Me Now?

High school junior Francesca Manning is an outsider, an aspiring writer and secret devourer of celebrity gossip mags. A fake essay to Seventeen wins her the celeb-schmoozing opportunity of a lifetime, but after the plane crashes, she's stranded on a desert island with five of the most clueless, self-involved headcases to escape Hollywood. Happily skewering their foibles in witty observations on her iPhone proves surprisingly educational for Francesca. The group must work together to survive-if they don't insult each other to death first.

At First Sight:
The concept of this book is strangely hilarious. I mean, who would get stranded on a desert island with five other celebrities? I was attracted by the fact that it seemed very funny and just interesting. I wanted to know where Francesca would end and how everything would play out.

My Thoughts:
I picked up the book and I couldn't put it down at first. Sloane's voice is real and addictive. It's like talking to your best friend. I couldn't help but think about one of my favorite authors that achieves the same sort of feeling, Meg Cabot. I liked how the beginning moved. It was nicely paced and definitely laugh out loud funny. Francesca and her best friend, Jordan, are like two peas in a pot. Their addiction to texting is much like mine and my friend's and their relationship was very believable.

Towards the middle and end of the book I started feeling less and less excited. Of course, they were stranded in a desert island and those celebrities aren't really smart but I kept waiting for them to have redeeming qualities that would make them feel like real people and not empty-headed bimbos. I mean, we all know celebrities have lives but we don't actually see much of that, right? I expected Sloane Tannen to show us that real, emotional, sensitive side of the celebrities but it never came. It also seemed to me like they kept going over the same things again and again. The end was a bit rushed for me but it had a nice surprise that I loved and it closed the book in a good satisfying way.

Overall, I think the book's greatest strength is its humor. The characters are not ocean-deep and I've always been huge on characters. But this book is so entertaining and nicely paced that you almost forget about it. It's the type of book you'd bring to the beach because it's definitely light hearted and sort of that summery fun feel.

In one sentence:
"Laugh out loud funny!"

Plot: 4
Characters: 3
Writing: 4
Cover: 4
Overall Feeling: 4
Average: 3.8 stars

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Anna said...

This book looks so cute. I have wanted to read it since I saw the cover - I don't know why, but I really, really like this cover. This is the first review I have seen of this, so thank you for the excellent review!


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