Monday, May 10, 2010

The Clearing By Heather Davis

The Clearing

Amy, a sixteen-year-old recovering from an abusive relationship, moves to the country to start a new life with her aunt–all she wants is for everything to be different. In the clearing at the back of Aunt Mae’s property, she makes an amazing discovery—Henry, a boy stuck in the endless summer of 1944. Henry and his world become Amy’s refuge and she begins to learn that some moments are worth savoring. But when the past and present come crashing together, both of them must find the courage to face what is meant to be, even if it means losing each other forever.
I'm declaring this one of my favorite books this year. I am fascinated with the 1940's and WWII and this novel was just...timeless.

I loved Henry (lit boyfriend list: added). He seemed very true to the 1940's. I keep trying to think to which book I'd compare this one to and the only one that comes up...the first one that came up is Tuck Everlasting. It has that kind of feel. Henry is so sweet and I could picture him in my mind PERFECTLY

Amy was great, too. She's a very good narrator and her struggles are really clear throughout the whole book. I realized she's a very strong person and I was so proud of her at the end.

Aunt Mae was my favorite character. She was so unique and sweet. I loved her to death. I want her to be my great-aunt. Go Mae!

The end is not shocking per say but it's very different. I liked how it ended. It was open enough yet it closed all the right story lines. I LOVED it! Very unique story.

In one sentence:
"A timeless story that waves classic 1940s with contemporary."

Plot: 5
Characters: 5
Writing: 5
Cover: 5
Overall Feeling: 5
Average: 5


Lale said...

Yay! I'm so glad you liked it. :) My thoughts were pretty much 100% identical to yours, and now I want to watch Tuck Everlasting again!

I Want To Read That said...

Thanks for the great review - I just requested this on Netgalley so really looking forward to reading it now:)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Great review - I'm convinced! I am adding this to my Amazon wish list today! :-)

Miss Corene said...

This book looks amazing! I love time travel and the 1940s were fascinating years to read about. Definitely going to have to check with one out. Thanks for the recommendation!

GMR said...

Definitely love the cover art, but alas, I am not a huge historical fiction fan. Bummer. Glad to see you enjoyed it though and I'm certain it will make the TBR list of many other readers out there. ^_^

Mrs. Vincent said...

Sounds good! I love historical fiction, especially about WWII. I'm new to your blog, have you read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak? I think that's my favorite WWII YA book. Of course, now I have to read this one...

I just found your blog from you feature on There's a Book. I think your blog is awesome! I've been blogging for a while, but I just started a blog about books and I've been having fun checking out all sorts of book blogs. I can't believe how professional yours is for someone so young! As a teacher, I'm proud to see a young adult who is so into books! I'm happy to be a new follower of your blog!!!


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