Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Bermudez Triangle

The Bermudez Triangle
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"Their friendship went so far back, it bordered on the Biblical-in the beginning, there was Nina and Avery and Mel." So says high school senior Nina Bermudez about herself and her two best friends, nicknamed "The Bermudez Triangle" by a jealous wannabe back on Nina's eleventh birthday. But the threesome faces their first separation when Nina goes away the summer before their senior year. And in ten short weeks, everything changes. Nina returns home bursting with stories about Steve, the quirky yet adorable eco-warrior she fell for hard while away. But when she asks her best friends about their summer romances, an awkward silence follows. Nina soon learns the shocking truth when she sees Mel and Avery . . . kissing. Their friendship is rocked by what feels like the ultimate challenge.

Why, Maureen? Why do you have to do this to me? I feel so torn up about this book. I mean, I liked it but it...AGH!

The things that I didn't like:

1) The ending, it was quite blah and anticlimactic. Where did the excitement go? Huh?
2) Mel at the beginning. I hate needy people and Mel seemed very needy and pathetic to me at the beginning and mostly through the middle.
3) Avery at the end. Seriously, you have some serious identity crisis, sister.

I admit, the lesbian thing was weird but it grew on me and I was very much rooting for Mel and Avery. It was very sweet and simple.

Things that I liked:
1) The humor. When there's Maureen, there's no shortage of humor.
2) Nina. This was my favorite character--minus a part where she too becomes needy and moody and pathetic, but that, thank God, doesn't last very long.
3) Parker at the beginning. But in the end...ugh, he annoyed me so much I hated him, you'll see why.

So you see, it's a three on three and a very torn up / messed up review. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of people who are not satisfied with it like me, a ton of people who will love it, and a ton of people who will hated. So let's see how I grade this book.

In one sentence:
"Maureen Johnson puts her stamp of humor in a completely different book."

Plot: 3.5
Characters: 3
Writing: 4.5
Cover: 3
Overall Feeling: 3
Average: 3.4


GMR said...

Well it certainly sounds like this one left you in a bit of a tangle...though despite that you manage to get your point across well enough. Good job! I haven't actually heard of this one, but the storyline does sound different indeed. Thanks for sharing!

Emidy said...

Hmm, interesting! I think I've got to read this myself and find out what it's like.

宛蓉 said...



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