Saturday, January 23, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

Kari and Marie K have both passed on the Honest Scrap award to me. I have to list 10 honest things about myself and then tag 10 other bloggers. Here it goes:

01. I have become with Rainer Rilke's poems ever since I read Shiver.
02. I'm really good at convincing - ahem, manipulating - my Dad into buying me a book. He'll usually go into Borders saying that he will not buy anything but he ends up buying me something anyways. I think I'm slightly spoiled.
03. My friend and I like to put nicknames on one of our friend's bf. His nickname is Lollie just because we think he's a bit weird and Lollie-ish.
04. I've gone to creative writing camp in New York. It was the best experience ever.
05. I just realized how extremely good at History I am. I've been one year and a half in High School and I've gotten straight 100% in my report cards. It surprises me, even.
06. I like writing the action/romantic scenes on a book instead of developing the actual story. I usually think up names for a character and develop it around the name.
07. Even though I'm the good girl I secretly wish for adventure. I crave that little rebel side of myself.
08. When I read a pretty steamy scene, I usually draw the book away from any other eyes - like my parent's - because I'm scared of what they might say about it. I feel the same when they read my own work.
09. I'm really good at helping my friends with their guys and their flirting and I try to live by my same rules but I get too shy and suck at them. *Sigh* I wish I would follow my own advice.
10. I like the suffix -ness and -less. It's the double s I think. I love saying nothingness, endless, etc.

Now I tag:
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La Coccinelle said...

Thanks so much! I received this one not that long ago (and I don't think I can think up 10 more things about myself right now!). If you want to see my previous answers, they're here.

I secretly wish for adventure, too. But I think that may be one of those things where the saying "Be careful what you wish for!" applies.

Thank you for thinking of me! :)

GMR said...

GASP! How am I just seeing this right now? Thank you so much! ^^jumps up and down^^ I will proudly display it on my site....well, okay so I think it is already there from another bloggy friend but will definitely update to show you granted one to me too! I do not believe I have passed this one one yet (nor shared 10 things) so I believe an upcoming post is in order....Thanks again! =0)


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