Thursday, December 24, 2009

What My Mother Doesn't Know by Sonya Stones

What My Mother Doesn't Know

"My name is Sophie.
This book is about me.
It tells
the heart-stoppingly riveting story
of my first love.
And also of my second.
And, okay, my third love too.
It's not that I'm boy crazy.
It's just that even though
I'm almost fifteen
it's like
my mind
and my body
and my heart
just don't seem to be able to agree
on anything." from GoodReads

I got this one from my real life Secret Santa!

I had only read one other book in verses, Ellen Hopkin's Burned and something that I had learned from it is that it was very honest. I was not surprised (well, okay, a little) to learn that this feel-good book was also very honest. The author doesn't hold back on real teenage life: our weird habits, our lusty (sometimes dirty) fantasies, and the fact that we have a body. I enjoyed the honesty of this book.

I was also really happy with the humor in it. For a moment it seemed like I might have been the one actually experiencing these things because Sophie's quirky humor is much like my own.

This is a perfect book for a gift because it's light, easy, and fun. Not at all heavy and complex like an Ellen Hopkins book but the verse writing and honesty is a bit similar.

In one sentence:
Read this in a sitting for a good dose of fun!

4/5 stars


Addicted Book Reader said...

I love this book!

Ashley @ Ashley's Library said...

I liked this book too! I thought that the honesty was really nice and down-to-earth for young readers.


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