Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Instructions for a Broken Heart by Kim Culbertson

Instructions For A Broken Heart
Three days before her drama club's trip to Italy, Jessa Gardner discovers her boyfriend in the costume barn with another girl. Jessa is left with a care package from her best friend titled "Top Twenty Reasons He's a Slimy Jerk Bastard," instructing her to do one un-Jessa-like thing each day of the trip. At turns hilarious and heartwrenching, Instructions for a Broken Heart paints a magical Italy in which Jessa learns she must figure out life-and romance-for herself.

Praise for Songs For A Teenage Nomad:

"A beautiful, lyrical read-I loved every last word of it!"
-Alyson Noël, New York Times bestselling author

At First Sight:
I was so excited to get this book on the mail because I absolutely loved Kim Culbertson's Songs For A Teenage Nomad. So when I actually got around to sitting down and reading it, I naturally devoured it. The cover is super cute and I couldn't wait to travel to Europe alongside Jessa.

My Thoughts:
I loved the fact that I was going to go travel with Jessa to a beautiful place. I have to say, I was also pretty smitten with her best guy friend. Not only does Jessa do really unthinkable things I won't spoil for you, but she learns a lot about herself, too. Plus, it gives us readers nice ideas for revenge ;)

However, as much as I enjoyed the overall plot, characters, and writing, there was something definitely missing. I kept waiting for that moment were I'd be like YES! GO JESSA! And although there were some memorable ones, the book felt like it was building a lot for an end with...nothing. It sort of left me a little blank. Sure, there's a nice surprise, but it's a surprise that should have been a little bit more emphasized, or, I don't know...climactic.

Overall, it's definitely a good book to read, funny at times and heartbreaking at others but in my opinion, I expected a lot more from Kim and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. This, however, will not stop me from checking her future titles.

In One Sentence:
"An okay read; fun at times yet lacking in the end."

Plot: 3
Characters: 4
Writing: 5
Cover: 5
Overall Feeling: 3.5
Average: 4.1 stars

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Book Monster said...

Luv the cover!! That kind of sad that was lacking some things.


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