Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Enter The Query-Writing Process

As you all know, writing a novel is not just writing it and it's done. You go through revisons (check) and then revise it again (check) but then you go into the tough, confusing, and in my opinion, even more hard job of writing queries that can be presented to prospective agents.

I already narrowed my list to about 7 agents I want to send a query to (at least in the first round). Now I have to really tackle writing a good, attention grabbing synopsis of my book that's short, right to the point, and effective.

I have already posted various blurbs, but like the novel, it needs revising and polishing before it's ready. Also, I have to do further research of the agents so that I can personalize each query and tell them why I think my novel will be a great fit for them.

As I write my first query, I'll post it in here and you guys can tell me what you think. I'm excited. This road to publishing is crazy and I just can't wait to finally be on that car and just go.

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LindsayWrites said...

thanks for this post! i know how you feel about the publishing mess! i'm currently waiting on agents to get back to me on my MS fulls they have! it's so nerve wracking and crazy!! best of luck to you!

I'm a new GFC follower!! Love the blog and I'm excited to read more!

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